Hello! I am Chelsea and I am the grower of all the pretty flowers here on the farm!

It all began when we moved to our 5 acre property in 2021. I wanted to be able to put the land to good use and be able to work from home. I can’t remember now where I first heard of this idea about flower farming, but when I did my first thought was, “Wait that’s a thing!? I can do that?” I had never thought about it, but of course it was a thing! I was immediately so excited and intrigued because I most definitely wanted to do that!! I am absolutely over the moon about having the opportunity to call this place home and to share my flowers with so many people! I have so many hopes and dreams for this property, and I can’t wait to make them all come true!

I had a small first year of selling flowers in 2022 and I have MUCH bigger plans for 2023. I hope you stick around to see what more I will have to offer!